Felicia Mester

Director of Public Affairs, Hydrogen Europe

After studies focused on economics, finance and international relations Felicia Mester went on to specialise in regulation and energy. After working for the non-banking financial regulator of Moldova on the MD-EU Association Agenda, she joined the energy sector via her position with the Global Solar Council where she worked on renewable energy policy files and communication strategy. Following this, she joined Eurogas where she regularly represented the European gas sector at high level conferences and expert panels on the EU internal gas market regulation, taxation and hydrogen technologies.

Felicia Mester joined Hydrogen Europe in February 2021 responsible for carbon market reform, hydrogen regulatory framework and infrastructure development as well as renewable energy policy files. She assumed the role of Director of Public Affairs continuing to focus on policy position making and engaging with the European Institutions. She is leading HE’s advocacy outreach at a time when hydrogen is front and centre to the EU’s decarbonisation agenda and energy sector’s transformation.

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