2. Budapest Hydrogen Summit

4 April 2023
Hotel Marriott Budapest

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4. Budapest LNG Summit - 
3 April 2023


The Budapest Hydrogen Summit aims to bring together top industry stakeholders and policymakers from the CEE region and beyond to discuss the opportunities and challenges in harnessing the full power of hydrogen and to find out how this fuel could contribute to a carbon-free future.

The goal of the conference is to encourage cross-sector dialogue and knowledge-share to ensure the rapid scale-up and delivery of the hydrogen economy.

Hot topics

We deliver the most important topics of the hydrogen economy, providing value and innovation for the future.
  • How do we get to a net-zero carbon world?

    Hydrogen’s potential and key role in the energy transition.

  • Sectors beneficiaries or challenged?

    Key industries that will stimulate hydrogen demand.

  • Market outlook:

    How soon and how big can the hydrogen market become?

  • The race of colours:

    Who will be the winner?

  • Understanding the hydrogen economy:

    Opportunities in production, storage, transportation, and usage across multiple end markets.

  • Policy considerations:

    Plans, strategies, and roadmaps on hydrogen to reach climate goals.

  • The future for the gas grid:

    Considerations for the reuse of existing gas infrastructure for transportation and storage.

  • Scaling up green hydrogen production:

    Assessing potential, costs and competitiveness.

  • Regional outlook:

    The opportunities and challenges ahead of Central and Eastern Europe’s hydrogen economy.

Our speakers

Join us and be part of the future

The hydrogen economy spans several industry sectors, with growing investment potential in production, storage, transportation and usage across multiple end markets. It's a huge potential but it requires careful planning.
Join the hydrogen community of Central and Eastern Europe. Shape the hydrogen agenda of the region
Share with us your idea, technology, research. Contribute to the cross-sector dialogue and knowledge-share to ensure the rapid scale-up of the hydrogen economy.


Event venue

Hotel Marriott Budapest is the venue of the Budapest Hydrogen Summit, which awaits the guests of the Summit on the banks of the Danube River with the most beautiful view to the city.
Hotel Marriott Budapest is our partner to guarantee the highest safety standards for our participants.
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