Ján Weiterschütz

President, Slovak National Hydrogen Association

Ján has served as the president of the Slovak National Hydrogen Association since June 2021. He graduated from the Technical University of Vienna with a degree in Renewable Energy Systems and has hands on experience in managing projects related to renewable energy sources. His aim is to utilize his expertise to actively contribute to building a national hydrogen ecosystem, aiming to combat climate change, enhance energy security and stabilize energy prices in the country. He also seeks to foster new business opportunities and job creation within Slovakia's growing hydrogen sector.

With support from international hydrogen organizations, Ján is facilitating the exchange of knowledge and best practices for establishing sustainable hydrogen valleys. He played a crucial role in developing the National Hydrogen Strategy and currently advises the Minister of Economy on hydrogen related matters as part of Slovakia's transition toward a carbon neutral society.

Collaborating with various stakeholders including industry, local governments, non profit organizations, academia and research institutions, Ján is identifying obstacles hindering the adoption of hydrogen technologies in practical applications. He is actively involved in crafting strategic policies, legislation and regulatory frameworks to translate his visions into tangible outcomes that will enhance the quality of life in Slovakia.

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