Péter Kaderják

Head of Zero Carbon Hub

Dr Péter Kaderják has a long-standing academic and decision-making experience in the fields of energy sector regulation and energy- and climate policy. Formerly he served in several high-level government and regulatory positions: as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Policy at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Hungary; as member of the Supervisory Board of ACER (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators); as President of the Hungarian Energy Office; and as Chief of Cabinet for the Minister of Economic Affairs, Hungary. His academic contribution is linked primarily to Corvinus University of Budapest and its predecessor institutions, where he received his degrees and established REKK (Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research) which he directed between 2004 and 2018. His past and current activities are strongly linked to the liberalisation and European integration of the Hungarian electricity and natural gas sectors; the successful diversification of the Hungarian natural gas sector; and the creation of national strategies to meet climate neutrality by Hungary by 2050. Today he is busy with the design and implementation of policies, programs, research and education that promote Hungary towards climate neutrality.

Currently, as the Head of Zero Carbon Hub at Budapest University of Technology and Economics he works on policy proposals, projects, research and education programmes that promote the creation of a climate-neutral Hungary.

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