Roy van Son

Area Sales Manager Hydrogen, Resato Hydrogen Technology

Roy van Son is a seasoned expert in hydrogen mobility, boasting extensive knowledge acquired through years of dedicated experience in the field. With a successful six-year tenure as a Hydrogen Business Development Manager at Air Liquide, the largest hydrogen molecule producer globally, Roy has honed his expertise in various aspects of the industry.

His background encompasses a comprehensive understanding of hydrogen production, supply chain intricacies, logistical challenges, hydrogen refueling technology, and high-pressure trailers. This multifaceted expertise enables Roy to transcend conventional perspectives, allowing him to envision the entire hydrogen ecosystem beyond individual refueling stations.nd strategy related to AFIR and focused on the medium and small-sized CRT companies to support them in the energy transition.

In his role at Resato Hydrogen Technology, Roy utilizes his expertise to offer strategic insights beyond the scope of individual hydrogen refueling stations. By considering the entire value chain, he guides partners in making informed decisions that align with their technological requirements and strategic objectives.

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