Zoltán Gellényi

Member of the Board of Directors, FGSZ

Mr. Gellényi graduated as an economist from Karl Marx University of Economics (at present Corvinus University). After several years of experience at the field of international commodity exchange Mr. Gellényi joined MOL Plc's department of gas business development in 2008 and later FGSZ Ltd. in 2009. Under his professional guidance our company developed and launched the Daily Natural Gas and Capacity Market (NFKP), the predecessor of the current Trading Platform (K P). Head of the Capacity Sales department from 2010 and that of the Business Development from 2012. Between 2014 and 2021 Mr. Gellényi was the Director of System Operation and Capacity Trade, since 2021 he has been Director of Network and System Control. Since 2014 Mr. Gellényi is also member of Board of Directors of FGSZ Ltd. He has been taking an active part in the work of ENTSOG, the European umbrella organization of transmission system operators since its foundation and was a member of the ENTSOG Board till July 2017.

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